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What is an e-gift?

1. How e-gifts works?

E-gift is a new way to buy gifts! You can purchase a gift without knowing the gift-recipient’s size or color preference, nor his/her shipping information. Additionally, you may record a video message directly from the store to generate an e-gifting emotional experience.

Buying an e-gift

1. How can I buy a product as an e-gift?

You need to click on the ‘buy as an e-gift’ button on the product page without having to choose a size or color. Our ‘pop-up’ appears, and you’ll pick the gifting occasion, type in the recipient’s name, record a video message (optional), and choose how the recipient will receive the gift. Finally, we will add the product to the shopping cart as an e-gift so you can complete the purchase.

2. Why do I need to choose a gifting occasion?

The theme of the landing page where the gift-recipient will see the gift varies depending on the gifting occasion chosen.

3. What's the video message maximum duration?

You can record/upload a video message up to 30 seconds

4. How will the gift recipient receive the gift?

Based on your selection, we could send an email directly to the gift recipient with a link to the landing page, where she will watch the video message and see the gift. Or, we could send you the email so you can decide how to share the link to the recipient, ex: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, among others.

5. How the gift-recipient get to adjust her size/color and shipping information?

If the gift recipient accepts the gift, we will show her all the available sizes, and colors of that product. Then, she can select her size, color preferences, and shipping information before the physical shipping takes place.

6. Who will pay for any shipping cost charged by the store?

We believe the gift-recipient should be able to accept the gift without paying anything from her pocket. If the store charges for shipping, they’ll add it to the gift price, so the gift-buyer covers all related shipping costs.

7. What is a gift code, and how can the recipient use it?

If the gift recipient chooses a gift code instead of the product, we will send her a discount code for the full gift amount paid by the gift-buyer. She can apply this discount code during the store’s checkout. For example, if the gift buyer purchased a gift of $50 and paid $10 for pre-paid shipping cost, and the gift recipient prefers a gift code, then, we will generate a discount code of $60. In case the recipients choose a product with a price higher than $60, then she’ll get to reduce those $60 during the checkout and pay for the difference. If she picks a product with a price lower than $60, then we will generate a new coupon for the unused balance and email it to her.

8. What happens if the gifted product becomes unavailable?

The gift recipient will see the gifted product, and we will tell her that the product was so awesome that sadly, it went out of stock. For that reason, we will give her a gift coupon code for the full gift amount.

9. What happens if the recipient doesn't collect the gift? How long will the landing page will be available?

The landing page with the gift will be available for three months after the gift was purchased. By then, if the recipient hasn’t collected the gift, we will generate a gift coupon code to the buyer.

10. Can I buy more than one gift at a time?

Currently, you may only buy one gift at a time.

11. I entered the wrong email address. What can I do?

You should check your spam folder or contact our <a href=Customer Support > with your order # and store name.

Receiving an e-gift

1. How do I receive the e-gift?

You’ll get a link to a personalized landing page where you will receive a message from the gift-buyer, either video or text, and see the gift. Then, you can select your size, color preference, and enter your shipping information. If you prefer another product, we will send a gift coupon code to your email so that you can use it on the store’s checkout.

2. How long will the landing page will be accessible?

The landing page will be accessible three months after purchasing the gift. Once you collect your gift, the landing page will no longer be available.  

3. The gift-buyer told me he'd bought a gift, but I haven't received one yet?

The gift buyer chose a date for delivering the email. If passed that day the email has not arrived, please check your spam folder or tell the gift-buyer to contact our Customer Support with the order # and store name.

4. When accepting the gift, I don't see my size or color preference?

We will only show you available variants (sizes, colors, among others). If you don’t see your size or color preference, then it means this variation of the product is not available. But don’t worry, you can get a gift coupon code and use it when the product becomes available again or to buy another product in the store.

5. When will I receive the physical gift?

Once you accept the gift, the store will begin the shipping process. The time it takes to arrive depends on each store.


1. I don't see the 'Buy as an e-gift' button on the product page?

Our script searches for the payments button and locates the ‘Buy as an e-gift’ button below, with the same CSS style.

It searches for the ‘Buy it now’ button with the following class name: <shopify-payment-button__button>.

If not found, then it searches for the ‘Add to cart’ button with the following ID: <AddToCart–product-template>

If your ‘Buy it now’ and ‘Add to cart’ buttons ID/Classes are different than the ones located above please try to change it accordingly, or contact our customer support so we can customize our button with your settings. 

2. Can I place the 'Buy as an e-gift' button some place else?

Yes! Contact our customer support ( and we will be happy to help you with that or any other petition you may have regarding the button placement and/or style.

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